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Grand Ledge, Michigan


Personal Information


I currently reside in the city of Mount Pleasant, Michigan to attend school at Central Michigan University. I was born 10/19/89 and am currently twenty-one years old. My tournament fishing career started in 1998 when I was only eight years old. I competed in the Bass-N-Family tournament circuit -pan fish division- with my father. We won two tournaments in the series and were crowned Team of the Year. This first year of competition set me in the direction that I am pursuing today.




I have competed in various tournament circuits over the years and also some of the most competitive circuits that I could participate in to this date. After 1998 I was happy with my success in the pan fish tournaments but what I really wanted to do was fish bass tournaments. Thankfully my father thought I was talented enough to fish in competitive bass fishing tournaments and so during 1999 we started fishing local bass tournaments. Since then I have fished in numerous local tournaments along with F.L.W. tours, N.B.A.A. circuits, the Moore Boats circuit, and the Lake Drive Marine bass tour. I have had success in all of the tournaments I have fished, along with being crowned the N.B.A.A. division champion two times. I was the N.B.A.A. division champion in 2003 and 2005; 2006 Capital City Challenge Division champion, 2006 NBAA Skeeter Boats Angler of the Year, 2007 Yankee Springs Division champion, and 2007 Ionia county 1 on 1 division champion. Other than fishing I was also a B.A.S.S. CastingKids local champion every time I competed (four times in two years). 


I am  proud to announce that I am the President of Collegiate Bass Fishing at Central Michigan University. This upcoming season (2011) I will continue to focus on improving the Bass Fishing Team at CMU by competing in the F.L.W. College Fishing Tour. In addition, I will continue to compete individually on a local and national scale.



I am a dedicated bass fisherman and do what I can to popularize it to the younger audience. I do not see very many young participants in tournaments and hopefully when people see my success they will get their kids involved. I believe any company looking to do business in the sport of bass fishing has to begin to take steps to get more youth involved. With that being said, I believe that I have many qualities that can help your company do just that. I provide a direct link to future customers and anglers, will work hard to promote my sponsors in a sincere manner, along with being a successful tournament angler. I hope you will consider sponsoring me as it would greatly help me advance my fishing career. I am excited for another great season and I hope you will be a part of it. If you have any questions I am easily contacted at Thank You.

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